9 Ways How to Make Money on ShortleLink

9 Ways How to Make Money on ShortleLink


Making money online on the internet is the way that many dreamed by internet users who have not been successful and always used by them which has been successful in that way. This is a kind of encouragement for everyone in the internet. There are many ways that can be used one of which is to make money on ShortleLink system, it's about shortening link system


What is ShortleLink?

ShortleLink is the site that builds a service system that uses shortening of links that the link is too long to be shared to various places online but also provide other services by providing various tools, On the internet the similar services are found in many and there are totally free to used in making money and also to making traffic. such as goo.gl, Bit.ly, etc. This site has 305 million visits per month. But make money on ShortleLink is ore interesting and comfortable with our need and blogger blogspot platform


Why choose ShortleLink?

because ShortleLink is the best in the shortening links service on the internet. Not only in the field of income sources for many people but also very good for online marketing, as well as the best in providing tools for making money online marketing options so it feels more optimum and the maximum results achieved.

Tools that can be used on ShortleLink are:


Web Analytic

The earnings for users based on CPM (cost per thousand impression) and its depend on where the country of visitors to the website or our blog, visitors from USA and Europe have the highest CPM value it is about $5 per 1000 views per link. So if we have 50 links then our earnings will be about $250 for only 1000 visitors, which means 50,000 impressions. The payment method is through paypal, liberty reserve or payza.


How to use ShortleLink in the best way?

There are 9 ways that can be used as the method for the effort to make money on ShortleLink site at the internet:

The 9 ways above are the best way to make money on ShortleLink in my mind, of course the success of your pr my business depend on your own hard work and creativity. I suggest to learn more about how to create a good article online.So that this business can be more successful quickly and easily.

Published on: 4/18/20, 2:14 PM